Here Is an Idea That Can Strengthen Your Family

Tonight at the the dinner table, read something out loud to your family.
Tomorrow night, let another member read something.
A news story.
An inspirational verse from the Bible or elsewhere.
A poem.
A cereal box panel.
Each night a different family member can read a selection.
Imagine the wide range of subjects your family will read in 365 days.
What a stimulating way to have your children develop good reading habits.
We have tens of millions of Illiterate adults in America.
We wouldn’t have one, if each of them had been served reading as part of their nightly diet.
It’s non-fattening, But enriching.
And it doesn’t cost A dime.

A message by United Technologies Corporation, Hartford CT, published in the Wall Street Journal sometime in the 80s

Families often feel overwhelmed, but something can be done about the hooked-on-electronics society we deal with everyday.